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Papa rellena a la americana

8 papas grandes

1 ramito de perejil fresco

350 gr. de carne de res picada

1 caldo de carne

1 cebolla

¼ cdta. de sal

2 dientes de ajo

¼ cdta. de pimienta

½ tza. de vino blanco

Pelar y picar la cebolla, los ajos y el perejil. Lavar las papas y colocarlas sin pelar en una cacerola (tapada) a fuego medio con agua que las tape y la sal gruesa durante 12 minutos hasta que las papas se cocinen, pero no que se deshagan cuando las pinches con un tenedor.
En una sartén a fuego medio con manteca, saltar la carne durante 4 minutos revolviendo de vez en cuando. Agrega la cebolla y el ajo y cocina todo durante 2 minutos más.
Añade el perejil (reserva algo para después) y el vino blanco, baja el fuego y deja cocinar hasta que hierva y se reduzca.
Corta las papas en dos mitades a lo ancho (sin que se separen del todo), y coloca 2 cdas. de la preparación en cada mitad, como si cada papa fuera un recipiente. Coloca un poco del perejil por encima de cada papa y sirve.

Chicken Jambalaya

1 bouillon cube

1/4 c chopped green

1 c white wine

1 c raw rice

1/2 tsp basil

1/2 c lean ham, cubed

1/2 tsp thyme

1 c canned tomatotes or tomato sauce

1 small bay leaf

3 chicken breasts, split and skinned

1/2 c chopped onions

1/4 c chopped parsley pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a saucepan, bring to a boil the bouillon, wine, herbs (basil,thyme, bay leaf), onion, and pepper. Place rice, ham, tomatoes, and chicken in a large casserole and pour herb sauce over all. Cover tightly and bake for 25-30 minutes. Add parsley; turn heat off and allow casserole to remain in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Enough for 6 servings, with 350 calories per serving.

Texas Hash

1 1/2 lb lean ground beef

1/2 tsp pepper

2 cup chopped onions

1/2 tsp garlic powder

2 cup chopped green pepper

2 cup (16 oz) canned tomato

1-2 tbsp chili powder

3 cup cooked rice

1 tbsp salt

Saute beef, onions, green pepper, and seasonings until meat is no longer pink and vegetables are tender. Stir frequently to crumble meat. Add tomato and rice. Spoon into a buttered 2-quart casserole. Bake at 350 degrees F for 25 minutes or until thoroughly heated.

Fried Green Tomatoes

2 lb Green tomatoes

1/4 c Minced chives

4 Eggs

1 tb Salt

1 1/4 c Corn meal

1/4 ts Pepper, fresh ground

 3/4 c Water

1/4 c Butter or margarine

Slice the tomatoes 1/2 inch thick, but do not peel or core. Drain well between several thicknesses of paper toweling until most of the moisture of the tomatoes is absorbed. While the tomatoes are draining, make a batter by beating the eggs until light, then mixing in the corn meal, water, minced chives, salt and pepper. In a large, heavy iron skillet, heat the butter or margarine until bubbly. Dip the tomato slices into batter, and brown quickly on both sides. Serve at once.

Creole Shrimp Gazpacho

½ cup water

1 cup tomato juice

3 Tbsp Creole Seasoning

½ cup shrimp stock

1 lb. small shrimp, peeled

¼ cup lime juice

3 cups tomatoes, chopped medium

¼ cup cilantro leaves, minced

1 cup cucumber, minced fine

2 Tbsp red wine vinegar

¾ cup red bell pepper, minced fine

2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

¾ cup green bell pepper, minced fine

1 tsp salt

½ small red onion

¼ tsp black pepper

½ medium jalapeño pepper, seeded and minced fine

In a sauté pan, heat water and 2 tablespoons Creole Seasoning to a boil. Add Shrimp and simmer until shrimp are cooked. Strain shrimp, reserving stock. Place shrimp and shrimp stock in refrigerator to chill. Place in a bowl three-fourths of tomato, cucumber, red bell pepper, red onion, jalapeño and cilantro. Place remaining tomato, cucumber, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, red onion, jalapeno and cilantro including remaining 1 teaspoon Seasoning in the bowl of a food processor and puree. Stir liquid from processor and shrimp into bowl with other ingredients until incorporated with minced ingredients. Chill for 2 hours. Serve in chilled bowls.

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